Pirate’s Coral is a nonprofit entity that was born with a mission to bring education and awareness to all generations, to preserve, monitor and save our oceans coral and reef from extinction with Pirate’s Coral environmentally safe and patented coral which produce growth rates at 20+ times what nature alone can achieve!

All of the coral at Pirate’s Coral is raised with a specific and permanent destination in mind. Pirates Coral does not just raise coral. Through our patented process Pirates Coral raises coral to not only live but thrive in the ever-changing pH levels our oceans are experiencing. Within 72 hours of our coral being planted it already has a stable healthy foothold thus creating an immediate growth boost the ocean needs to quickly start producing new healthy colonies. In addition and through its partners, Pirate’s Coral also monitors all its existing plantings to gauge what native species of coral does best on the actual reef, thus assuring all of Pirate’s Coral sanctuaries are successful.

Pirate’s Coral believes saving our oceans coral and reef with science is just the starting point of what needs to happen. Pirate’s Coral believes that involvement and education is a key function in making a difference and healing our oceans for generations to come.

Our goal in the area of education is to create a curriculum based on ocean preservation to be used for elementary school aged children around the world. We want to educate the younger generation on the importance of not only saving our fragile oceans coral and reef but also preserving the Pirate’s Coral process of growing its successful coral.

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