Pirate’s Coral is once again expanding and is now bringing education to our younger generations!

Here at Pirate’s Coral, we are not only dedicated to saving our oceans coral. We believe involvement and education is a key function in making a difference and healing our oceans for generations to come.

Our goal in the area of education is to create a curriculum for elementary school aged children. We want to educate the younger generation on the importance of saving and taking care of our fragile oceans as well as the Pirate’s Coral process of planting its sanctuaries.

In spring of 2017 we will be planting a sanctuary in Southern California. Pirate’s Coral will be inviting an elementary school in the area to participate and be a part of this first drop, (We are planning some exciting projects and activities for the kids. If you think your school would be interested, feel free to contact Pirate’s Coral).

Please check back regularly for our new page titled, “Education”.

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