Pirate’s Coral has seen the mass movement of individuals wanting to help clean up our oceans. These movements have ranged from participating in state/government created beach clean ups all the way to individuals buying bracelets made from, “recycled plastics”.

Pirate’s Coral sees the need to get involved but at the same time refuses to join the, “in trend”. Instead Pirate’s Coral has spent years studying the oceans problems and has seen an alarming increase of straws both washed up on shore as well as in open waters. The problem is that if one person uses a plastic straw every day for 5 years that person has used 1,825 straws. The even bigger problem is that each of these 1,825 straws has a very high probability of ending up in our oceans and waterways.


In response Pirate’s Coral has decided to create the best reusable straw that will not end up in the ocean. This new straw will meet the following requirements:

  • It must be reusable and have a shelf life of 5 plus years
  • It must be easy to clean/maintain
  • It must be environmentally friendly
  • It must not leach chemicals
  • It must be dishwasher safe
  • It must be BPA free
  • It must be safe for kids
  • It must be an economical alternative to plastic straws


Not only is Pirate’s Coral dedicated to creating this super straw, we are committed to making this straw available to the world by early 2019! Please visit us again soon for updates.

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