On June 28th 2016 in Santa Rosa California a nonprofit organization, Pirate’s Coral was born with a mission to save the oceans coral and reef from extinction. Founder and CEO, Chad Strader, had a plan to change the way we are going to save the oceans coral and reef around the world.

Almost 26 months later Pirate’s Coral has initiated several patents to save the dying coral reef from extinction. Pirate’s Coral doesn’t just grow coral for the ocean, instead they use a patented process where they start by obtaining the PH and temperature levels of the coral distressed area where their sanctuary will be planted. After a PH and temperature reading has been determined Pirate’s Coral then takes coral fragments and places them in their nursery tanks where they slowly alter the PH and temperature levels, both above and below the targeted levels so that the coral will not die when the sanctuaries levels change due to climate change.

In addition to manipulating the PH and temperature levels that the coral will thrive in Pirate’s Coral uses a patented tri-metal process in its tanks that increases the coral growth rate up to 20+ times what is seen in nature thus creating a productive coral reef in as little as a year instead of the normal 15-20 years.

Unfortunately, this is a very strenuous process the coral is put though where only 80-90% of the coral remains strong enough to graduate from the nursery tanks and be promoted to life in the ocean. The good news however is that once the improved coral can leave the nursery tanks and is planted in the ocean Pirate’s Coral knows that it will be a productive piece of coral that will thrive in nature and be able to withstand the ever-changing ocean environment.

Continue to follow the amazing story of Pirate’s Coral on their website at www.PirateCoral.com