There has been a recent rush to educate the world by releasing documentaries, articles and even movies about the fragile and dying state of our oceans coral and reef. I think this is great but I think its past time to create resolutions to the problems that our oceans coral and reef now face.

I believe that most people now know that 25-30% of the worlds coral and reef are seriously degraded or already dead or that 25% of all species in the ocean spend at least part of their lives in the coral and reef ecosystem and that if we lose the coral and reef we are all screwed. I think that most people know that rising water temperatures is causing mass coral bleaching or that runoffs are fertilizing algae which further upsets the reefs ecosystem by making the algae grow fast and ultimately smothering the coral. I think most people know that something as simple as overfishing is removing the reef grazers that keeps the reefs algae in check from overgrowing and ultimately once again smothering the reef or that ocean acidification is destroying the existing reefs and affecting the reefs ability to produce new colonies.

What I don’t think most people know about is Pirate’s Coral and how this nonprofit for public benefit entity has several patents that can grow coral to live in the changing ocean and that can bring coral and reef back from the brink of extinction.

Let me introduce you to the oceans coral and reefs best friend, its name is Pirate’s Coral.

Pirate’s Coral is not a run of the mill nonprofit. Pirate’s Coral uses its donated funds to plants environmentally safe and patented sanctuaries in coral stressed areas throughout the world as well as creates coral that can grow in the oceans changing environment.

Pirate’s Corals sanctuaries have stable healthy coral growing on them from the day the sanctuary is planted. This creates the immediate growth boost the ocean needs to quickly start producing new colonies at 20+ times the growth rates that are seen in nature alone. In addition, Pirate’s Coral also monitors all its existing sanctuaries to gauge what native species of coral does best on the actual reef, thus assuring all of Pirate’s Coral sanctuaries are successful.

I encourage all of you to become part of this awesome movement with Pirate’s Coral by becoming Ambassadors on their website or at the very least volunteer at one of their sanctuary plantings.

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