As the window starts to close on 2018 many people have begun to look at ways to generate tax breaks via donations. We urge you to do some research when it comes to donating your hard-earned money to a charity or nonprofit organization. Find out where your funds are going and what percentage of those funds make it to the actual cause.

Please consider donating to Pirate’s Coral as we have a worthy cause and need your help!

100% of Pirate’s Coral donations go to the planning, building and planting of our environmentally safe sanctuaries in coral stressed areas throughout the world. Pirate’s Coral sanctuaries have stable healthy coral growing on them within 72 hours of the sanctuary being planted. This creates the immediate growth boost the ocean needs to quickly start producing new healthy colonies. In addition, Pirate’s Coral also monitors all its existing sanctuaries to gauge what native species of coral does best on the actual reef, thus assuring all of Pirate’s Coral sanctuaries are successful.

In addition to accepting cash donations Pirate’s Coral has just started a donation drive, “Donate, Get A Tax Deduction And Save The Reefs” where we are also accepting donations of cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, boats, personal water crafts, RVs and even semi trucks. To learn more about our, donation drive please visit our website.

  • To make a cash donation please visit the, “Donor” page on our website.
  • To donate a vehicle  please visit the, “Vehicle Donation” page on our website.
  • To donate on behalf of your business please visit the, “Partner” page on our website.
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