The oceans can no longer wait! Please join Pirate’s Coral today! We need your help now before our oceans coral and reef go extinct!

Congratulations, you have elected to become a Pirate’s Coral Ambassador. Your 100% tax deductible donation of just $25 a month for six months will give you the following perks:

  • Get a free limited edition Pirate’s Coral Ambassador T-Shirt that is only available by becoming a Pirate’s Coral Member.
  • Get a personal invitation to the sanctuary drop party where we will be celebrating the planting of the sanctuary you donated to.
  • Get your name, (or a name of your choosing) engraved on the sanctuary’s environmentally safe, corrosion resistant Ambassador Plaque located in the wheelhouse of the sanctuary vessel leaving your name forever engraved in time as someone who helped save our oceans coral and reef from extinction.
  • Get the ability to have any of your videos or pictures of the sanctuary you donated to posted on the Pirate’s Coral website and connected to the sanctuary you donated to.

To finalize your donation please fill out the information below. Lastly, if you want to have someone else’s name engraved on the Ambassador plaque please click the box titled, “Is this in honor of someone?” and enter their name.

—-We are in the process of updating our donation system. Please check back shortly or feel free to email us at—-